17.Church and Convent of San José

17. San Jose Convent Complex

Iglesia y Convento de San José

The ensemble of buildings that belonged to the Augustinians was located on the Northern end of Panama Viejo and was built towards the middle of the XVII century.  It was one of the last monasteries established in the city, between 1604 and 1610.  The friars ran into a series of problems to erect their convent, whose construction began between 1615 and 1620. The president of the Court had it demolished due to differences with the Agustinos Recoletos, such that the construction of the building, whose ruins we can see today, dates from a later time.  In 1640 its existence is mentioned as a very modest building and possibly stone had not yet been used in its construction.  The convent was one of the buildings that suffered the least during Morgan’s pillage because it was located in the outskirts of the city.

Today it is only possible to see the remains of the church, which is notable due to its two side chapels.  The remains of the convent (cloister and rooms) disappeared in the XX century.