1.Slaughterhouse Bridge

1. Matadero Bridge

Built over the Algarrobo River, the Matadero Bridge was the point of entry to the city and a mandatory place of passage to get to the Las Cruces Trail and the Chagres River, as well as the agricultural zone in the countryside (Natá).  Historic documents dating back to 1567 indicate the bridge was built due to the difficulties presented by the tides– as they rise twice a day, and the caimans, that made it impossible to pass.  The bridge was probably built initially out of wood and it was not until 1607 that it was replaced by a stone one.  Its name is due to the existence of a slaughterhouse in that part of the city (Matadero is slaughter house in Spanish).

The bridge was used until 1953 for vehicles and it was modified several times throughout the XX century.  It is possible that the original design was similar to the King’s Bridge, based on a simple semi circular arch.