The Patronato
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The Patronato

We are a non-profit and mixed regimen organization that is formed by the Panama Kiwanis Club – who presides –, the National Institute of Culture, the Panama Tourism Authority, Banistmo and the RILEMO Foundation.  In Panama the figure of Patronato provides the advantage of being an independent administrative entity with its own autonomy to make decisions and manage its funds, committed exclusively to the management of Panama Viejo, such that it focuses all of its energy on managing the site.

The tasks that the Patronato takes on are innumerable, however they are all centered around the conservation, protection, research, promotion, development and valorization of the site.

Aware of the heritage value of Panama Viejo, from its very beginnings the management of the archaeological site has been carried out in an integral manner, addressing needs equally in terms of heritage conservation, archaeological research, tourism promotion, education, integration with the national community and the use of the site.  The organization bases its work on what we call the Master Plan, the directive document that outlines the policies and action plans for the following years.  Following this plan, the Patronato carries out a permanent program of archaeological excavations and historical investigations that allow us to better understand the site.  It also performs interventions on different monuments, to prevent their deterioration, as well as to facilitate their interpretation and allow them to be given new uses.

In order to carry out its work it has a Board of Directors, which is the highest authority; an Executive Management that addresses and directs the Patronato´s daily operations and is responsible for programming, planning and coordinating the different projects, activities and tasks in the short, medium and long term; and specialized architecture, archaeology, conservation departments, as well as promotion, education, maintenance and accounting sections.


Organizational Structure of the Patronato Panamá Viejo