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The archaeology department is in charge of planning, promoting and developing the necessary archaeological investigation programs to know about and understand the history and the processes associated with the formation of the archaeological site in its different historical dimensions.

Over time the Panama Viejo Archaeological Project has been designed and adapted, including research areas, action parameters, good practices, and the reference terms that govern the department’s work and collaboration with other institutions.  From this main document stem also the guidelines for the internship program.

Activities are divided into two main performance areas: archaeological investigation and collection curatorship.  The production of training and informational materials and the scientific support of educational activities programmed by the other teams in the Patronato Panamá Viejo, constitute other Department responsibilities.

The curatorship of the archaeological collection the institution cares for is carried out as a function of three main categories based on preventive conservation criteria: Reference Collection, General Collection, and Osteological Collection

Finally it is necessary to highlight that sharing results is one of the central factors of our work, through general and scientific documents.

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