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Reference, General and Collection Osteological

The Reference Collection contains the objects, specimens or samples whose importance for the base research, physical integrity and relevance for the context make them important elements to be consulted by specialists and for museographic purposes.  This collection has especially conditioned areas, registration and control systems, a database and a basic catalog.

The General Collection includes the cultural remains that, although they do not have exceptional qualities like the previous ones, are a fundamental part of the integral contextual analysis.  This collection is registered in the statistical database and is accessible to researchers who need to study all the archaeological remains associated to a specific origin.

The Osteological Collection includes all the human remains associated with the Panama Viejo Historical Monument Complex, whether they are from pre-Hispanic or Colonial contexts, in ideal conditions for their preservation and study.  The collection has a database that is permanently updated, which integrates the results that come from the various studies that have been carried out with the skeletal remains.