Archaeological research
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Archaeological investigations. Years 2013-2014

The internships are oriented towards students in the last semesters of the architecture program who are interested in learning about the work methodology  used in Panama Viejo for the conservation of heritage buildings.  The Patronato will issue a certificate for the time dedicated to collaborating with the institution as well as a description of the services rendered.  Internships in the department of architecture and conservation of unmovable cultural heritage are not remunerated.
To apply you must send a current résumé and a letter expressing the reasons why you wish to collaborate with us.
Our department also offers a research space for postgraduate students interested in carrying out work related to the conservation and interpretation of historical sites, as long as they are within the institution’s guidelines for monument conservation.
Those interested in participating in internships, research projects or in knowing about a specific topic regarding the conservation work or intervention projects, can write to: