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The department of architecture and conservation of immovable cultural heritage of the Patronato Panama Viejo is in charge of establishing, coordinating, directing and proposing the programs for the conservation and consolidation of the monuments, as well as supervising the state of conservation of each one of them.  It is also in charge of planning, designing and executing intervention projects that, always within the framework of the Master Plan, allow for the interpretation of the Site. 

Within its tasks are preventive conservation works at the short, medium, and long-term, where the objective is the preservation and protection of all the monuments on the site.

In the short term, the tasks to be performed around the monuments are cleaning the vegetation, and the installation and maintenance of wooden shorings used to stabilize the walls.

In the medium term, the work includes waterproofing the crowning or upper part of the walls, filling in cracks and fissures, and structural and reintegration work.

In the long term we hope to continue with the identification, observation, measurement and monitoring of pathologies, structural problems and previous interventions in all the buildings of the Site.

To such an effect, the work and projects that the department executes are carried out using clear intervention criteria:

- Any action within the Monument Complex must be reversible.

- Any intervention must be clearly distinguishable and enhance the interpretation of the values of the original elements.

All the materials and building techniques that are used must be compatible with the historic structures and environmentally friendly.

The minimum necessary intervention must be used to achieve the conservation of the old buildings and the interpretation of the exceptional values of the historic site.

Every intervention must be documented, regardless of whether it is large or small.