Volunteer Restoration
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Restoration Volunteers

pasantia restauracion

Students of Historical Heritage conservation and restoration (restorers, technicians or bachelor’s in building restoration, bachelor’s in fine arts, archaeologists, bachelor’s in humanities, historians, chemists, physicists or bachelor’s in biology), as well as secondary school students who are studying sciences, with a background in chemistry, who wish to become familiar with or further their studies that allow them to diagnose and restore archaeological objects from colonial times.  The aspirers to this volunteer program must present a letter of intention to the department for conservation and restoration, indicating their desire to be part of the team of assistants or researchers in the laboratory. 

In this letter they must state the academic level they have reached, the period of time they would like to be part of the team, what they wish to learn, reasons why they have chosen Patronato Panama Viejo, as well as a brief description of what could be their contributions in the area in which they will be enriching their experiences.  The letter of intention must include the aspirer’s contact information.  It is also necessary to attach a current CV, and a letter of endorsement issued by the academic institution, supporting the application presented by the aspirer.  Once the applicant’s documentation is received, he or she will be called in for an interview with the area manager.

Within the following five days, the department head will communicate the decision made regarding the application via the provided email address, stating the date on which the applicant would begin to work, the duration period for the work experience, the evaluation methods, and a list of tasks they will be assigned to perform.

The Patronato will issue a certificate for the time dedicated to collaborate with the institution, along with a description of the services rendered.  Volunteers in the laboratory do not receive remuneration.

Our laboratories also provide a research space for conservation professionals that wish to nourish their interest in analysis, diagnoses and restoration techniques for metal, organic and siliceous artifacts found on the site.

Those interested in participating in this volunteer program can write to: mgodoy@patronatopanamaviejo.org