Museum internships
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Museum internships

pasantia museo

Tourism students studying at a technical or university level, who wish to broaden their experience as field guides or students that need to include work experience in their education.
Applicants must present a letter of intent to the department of education and the museum, indicating their desire to be part of the site guide team.  In this letter they must state the achieved academic level, the time period they wish to be part of the guide team, what they wish to learn, reasons for which they have chosen the Patronato Panama Viejo and a brief description of what could be their contribution to the area where they will be working.  Applicants should include their contact info in the letter of intent.  Moreover they must attach a current resume, and a supporting letter issued by their academic institution, that backs the submitted application.  Once the documentation is received, the applicant will be cited for an interview with the area chief.
In the following five days the department head will reply via the provided email, expressing the decision regarding the application, the date on which work would begin, the duration period of the internship, evaluation methods, and the list of tasks that would be assigned to the intern.
The Patronato will issue a certificate for the time dedicated to collaborating with the institution, along with a description of the services rendered.  Internships at the museum are not remunerated.
Those who are interested in volunteering, fulfilling a university degree requirement, or learning more about a specific topic related to the Site Museum, can write to:

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.