Conservation of movable goods
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Conservation of movable goods

This department is in charge of the conservation and restoration of the metallic, siliceous and organic objects, which are recovered from the archaeological excavations made within the Panama Viejo Historical Monument complex, with the purpose of stopping its degradation and preserving them for future generations.

Since its creation has been contributing to the development of a modern methodology for the conservation of movable objects in our archaeological site.  Thanks to this, each object has been treated individually according to its physical and chemical characteristics, using restoration and conservation criteria that are the product of research performed by the Patronato Panama Viejo for more than a decade.  These criteria respect at all times the procedures and demands established by international rules.

The restoration is carried out according to each piece’s purpose.  If it is for a museum exhibit, the intended result is for the piece to be as complete as possible for any intervention to be unnoticed, such that the observer can easily distinguish the piece itself.  If the purpose is didactic, the objective will be to rebuild an incomplete form starting from the data provided by the fragments.

In the conservation department there are many specialists on the topic that live in the country, including experts with more than 25 years experience, in one of the best restoration installations in Panama.

Our laboratories have taken into account the most modern security measures and are perfectly equipped to carry out their functions.  These are divided into three sections, siliceous material, organic material and metallic materials, the latter providing support for all electrolysis activities.